Yesterday, a man was killed after being attacked by a shark attack at New Zealand’s Muriwai Beach. The victim of the attack was Adam Strange, a well-known filmmaker in his 40s. He had been swimming alone from Maori bay to Muriwai Beach, several hundred metres from the shore at about 1:30pm when the incident happened.

A four-metre shark, believed to be a Great White, attacked Adam. According to eye witness Pio Mosie, Adam raised his hand up then next minute he went down, the shark pulled him down. Adam was a local well-known to surf lifesavers, who were first on the scene.

New Zealand Shark Attack


Emergency services were then called to the popular surf beach and a police officer was forced to fire ten or twelve rounds in an attempt to kill the shark. It took the police and Muriwai lifeguards about 30 minutes to cover the body as the sharks circled. After which, Adam’s body was pulled out of the water.

Newstalk ZB reporter, Juliette Sivertsen gave her own account of the fatal shark attack when she said, “The biggest one – the one that attacked the victm – was between 10 and 14 feet long. Perhaps one of the biggest sharks they’ve seen in the area. The attack was very aggressive, with the shark refusing to let go of the body until the police shot at it. It hasn’t been confirmed but it’s likely to be a Great White.”

Adam’s family is currently still in deep shock and have requested for privacy while they grieve their loss.

Muriwai Beach

Meanwhile, Muriwai Beach has been closed after the fatal attack, one of only about a dozen in New Zealand in the past 180 years.

Sources: SMH,, Newstalk ZB.

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