My Performing Arts Agency (MYPAA), the organiser behind the prestigious Royal Arts Gala, in collaboration with the National Department for Culture & Arts (JKKN) today announced that the inaugural Royal Arts Gala 2012 has raised a sum of RM760,000 to energise the collaborative partnerships for the creation and development of new arts ventures in Malaysia. The funds are now channelled to the “Tabung Amanah Kebudayaan” under the purview of Ministry of Information Communication & Culture (KPKK) and JKKN.

The Royal Arts Gala, a fruitful partnership between MYPAA and JKKN, supported by the KPKK and Performance Management Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), is an initiative that is part of the country’s Economic Transformation Programme under the NKEA of Communications Content and Infrastructure.

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MYPAA is a private and independent arts agency that is established to support the development of arts and culture in Malaysia by fostering and facilitating mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships between the public and private sectors and the performing arts industry. Ultimately, MYPAA aims to benefit everyone involved in the making and appreciation of the arts.

Both MYPAA and JKKN also share the same vision of “making arts a way of life”. Their objectives are to raise the profile of the performing arts and to support the growth of our arts and culture in Malaysia.

Stephanie Van Driesen & Onn San

The announcement was made at MYPAA’s Client Appreciation Evening held to thank the support given by public and private stakeholders, and individual arts supporters to the strategic art initiatives rolled out in 2012, which included The Royal Arts Gala..

For more information, visit their official website.

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