It was his first every monorail ride but it’s not one that he would soon forget. Senior citizen Wong Kock Hinn was stabbed in the abdomen with a kitchen knife at 2:30pm on Jalan Maharajalela. He was on his way to the temple where he worked as an executive secretary but was feeling a little under the weather so he decided to take the monorail.

According to the 64-year-old:

I have high blood pressure and I felt a bit dizzy so I decided not to drive. I took the public transport from Bukit Jalil where I live before getting off at the Maharajalela station. I was walking towards the temple when two men on a motorcycle approached me. One of them grabbed my bag and yanked it hard so I pulled on the bag as well. The suspects got down from the motorcycle and one of them stabbed me in the abdomen. I felt excruciating pain and at the same time, my bag strap snapped, allowing them to flee the scene.


Wong Kock Hinn was immediately rushed to the hospital after his colleagues were contacted, where he had to undergo surgery to remove the knife. Thankfully, there was no internal organ damage. He did however lose the RM2,000 that he was carrying in his bag.

Wong Kock Hinn

We’re just glad he’s alive, really.


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