It has been six months since the passing of Malaysian animal activist and founder of Furry Friends Farm (FFF) Sabrina Yeap. Six long months since she succumbed to leukaemia without knowing that she was suffering from the disease. And six long months since she left behind the hundreds of dogs and cats that she had so lovingly rescued and cared for.

But her legacy lives on as her friends have kept her work alive and pushed FFF to greater heights.

FFF Dogs


One of Sabrina’s closest friends, Myza Nordin took on the responsibility to manage FFF after Sabrina’s demise although it wasn’t easy. Myza, who is the corporate communications department head of a hotel in Petaling Jaya said:

Sabrina’s death came as a shock to many of us. To make matters worse, we only found out on the day of her funeral that no plans had been made for the sanctuary if something happened to her. Where would all these animals go if we did not take up the responsibility of running the place? There wasn’t money for anything including buying food for the dogs. The veterinary bills came up to RM60,000. Luckily, members of the public and Sabrina’s friends rushed to FFF’s aid. Our dogs are healthy and happy and have got over Sabrina’s absence. We are ready to throw our doors open to the public.

Having surpassed the worst of times and the challenges, FFF will be hosting its first open day on 3rd March 2013 (Sunday) at Kundang Lake Club when visitors will be able to visit the sanctuary and participate in various activities. If you’d like to do your part and show your support for FFF, do swing by.

Deets are as follows:

Date: 3rd March 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 11am till 4pm

Venue: Kundang Lake Club, KM28, Jalan Kundang, Rawang

Meanwhile, here’s to hoping that the new law against animal abusers gets tabled soon. Then places like FFF will stop from having to take in abused or abandoned animals unnecessarily.


FFF Open Day

For more information, visit Furry Friends Farm’s Facebook page.

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