Yesterday, we wrote that IKEA had withdrawn their popular Swedish meatballs sale in 16 European countries after Czech authorities found horsemeat in the product. One-kilogramme bags from the suspect batch of frozen meatballs had been pulled from the shelves in the following countries:

  1. Slovakia
  2. The Czech Republic
  3. Hungary
  4. Britain
  5. Portugal
  6. Italy
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Belgium
  9. Spain
  10. Cyprus
  11. Greece
  12. Ireland

Stores in Sweden, Denmark, France, Romania, and Singapore also withdrew meatballs from sale as a precautionary measure. Stores in the United States, however, carried on with “business as usual” because according to IKEA, there was no horsemeat in the meatballs served in those stores.



Today, it has just been confirmed the Swedish furniture giant is also pulling the meatballs from its stores in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic in addition to the host of European countries listed above. The number of countries where it has pulled its meatballs from sale now stands at 24.


IKEA Malaysia has since released the following statement:

IKEA Malaysia Meatballs


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