Come 20th March, YG Entertainment’s Choi Dong-wook aka Se7en will release his final Japanese single, titled “Arigatou”. The song, which marks his first attempt to write Japanese lyrics, is a ballad that expresses Se7en’s gratitude towards his Japanese fans.

Ahead of its release, Se7en is currently holding his final Japanese concert series, “Se7en 2013 Concert in Japan – Arigatou” which kicked off on 7th February 2013 (Thursday) in Tokyo and will come to a close on 16th and 17th February in Kobe.

On Thursday night, in front of 2,000 fans at Tokyo’s Shibuya Kokaido, Se7en performed “Arigatou” for the first time. When he sang the chorus, the fans in the audience lifted up signs that read, “Arigato Se7en” (Thank you, Se7en). Touched by the surprise planned by his fans, tears filled his eyes. Se7en, overwhelmed with emotion, began to cry.


Upon seeing their beloved idol in tears, the fans too responded with tears.

The first night of the “Se7en 2013 Concert in Japan” tour also saw performances of 25 of his hit songs, including “Come Back To Me”, “Drips”, “Hikari, “La La La”, and “Passion”. After its final curtain call, the idol will also hold a talk concert to bid farewell to his Korean fans in March before his enlistment into the military.

Aww. Fighting, Se7en! You’ll always have our love and support no matter where you are.


Se7en has finally revealed that he would be enlisting as soon as this month. He will leave for the Uijeongbu 306 Reserve Battalion on 19th March 2013 to officially start his post as an active-duty soldier. During his recent “talk concert”, he announced:


Today’s the 9th. There are 10 days left. I’m enlisting on March 19th. I really wanted to tell you, but I saved it for the concert. I received so much love the past 10 years, and I had a great time. I’m always thankful.

Aww. All the best, Se7en!


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