Onscreen (read: “Suits”), Patrick J. Adams is Mike Ross, a young man without a law degree but with a photographic memory. Off it, he’s just your average 31-year-old guy except the fact that he’s dating gorgeous “Pretty Little Liars” star Troian Bellisario and that he’s an amazing photographer.

No, really amazing.


So amazing that this other talent of his (besides acting) is being picked up by people like Jimmy Fallon, for one, and also the media who have made it a point to ask him about his photography in interviews. When asked about his unexpected interest in the art, he said:

I’ve just always been fascinated with captured moments. I’ve always been amazed how a story or a feeling or a conflict can be so effectively communicated in a single image. The fascination must have begun with photos of my family and of distant grandparents who I never knew but who were part of me. I poured over photos as a kid. I made books and made my parents tell me who everyone was. Then I started photographing my family and my life and my friends and then slowly started documenting the world and the things that stuck out to me. Shooting photos has always been a way for me to have a conversation with myself about the world around me. Sharing the photos with friends and online is then a way to deepen that conversation and welcome other people into it. But the joy of it comes with doing of it. The product of the work isn’t really vital to me yet.

Here are some of the awesomeness that he has taken. Prepare to be duly impressed:


“Wow”, right? And you thought he was only good at playing a lawyer!

Patrick has a website that showcases his photography and composition skills, as well as a Tumblr so check them out for more beautiful shots.

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