Paul Baier, a vice president for Boston energy firm Groom Energy Solutions, drafted up a legal agreement for his 14-year-old daughter, Rachel. But not just any agreement – this one’s to strike a deal with the high school student to stay off Facebook for six months.

As stated in the contract, in exchange for Rachel walking away from the popular social network, Paul would have to pay her USD200 in total. He is to fork out USD50 in April and then an additional USD150 in June. To ensure that the signed agreement is fulfilled, Paul will have access to Rachel’s Facebook account and he will be allowed to change the password should Rachel attempt to reactivate it.


Sounds like a cruel father condoning an act of bribery but here’s the best part – it was all Rachel’s idea. Apparently, she wants to earn money but finds Facebook a distraction and a waste of time. Hence the contract!

Gotta admit it’s kinda cute, no?


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