In 2009, merely a few days after their greatest hits album, “Believers Never Die” was released, Fall Out Boy announced that they were going to go on a hiatus. No one knew it they were just simply on a break or worse, if they were going to be gone forever. The official word from bassist Pete Wentz was that the group was not breaking up and not on an “indefinite hiatus” but clearly, it wasn’t enough to stamp out rumours about the band.

Especially not when each member of Fall Out Boy decided to branch out on his own, releasing solo albums, forming rock supergroups, dabbling in other genres, and writing books. Yes, writing books. Pete Wentz got busy penning a novel, apparently. (Source)


Now, the boys (Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley, and Joe Trohman) has finally reunited! All you Fall Out Boy fans can breathe again. On 4th February 2013 (Monday), the quartet shared the details of their upcoming fifth studio album, “Save Rock And Roll” and a reunion tour that will kick off in their hometown of Chicago.

Pete Wentz also tweeted the following, which includes a link to their comeback single, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”:

Fall Out Boy’s album is slated for a 7th May 2013 release. Time to “Save Rock and Roll”, indeed!

For more information, visit Fall Out Boy’s official website.

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