Hold on to your seats because American rock band, Linkin Park, is back! Or rather, will be back soon.

Through their official website, they have announced a 25th June 2012 release date for their new album, “Living Things“. We know, we know, the boys have been alarmingly quiet and we’re pretty sure you’ve heard rumours about them leaving the band.

Obviously, the rumours aren’t true.


Linkin Park has come a long way for a band, having spent about 16 whole years together. Seriously, 16 years later and they’re still cool? Mind. Blown.

Aside from being known for their multi-platinum albums, chart-topping and chart-breaking songs, awards, and nominations, they band have also received high praises for staying true to themselves.

Over the years, Linkin Park (headed by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda) have “played with” and incorporated nu metal and rap metal genres into the songs. Which resulted in award-winning albums such as “Hybrid Theory” and “Meteora“.

“Hybrid Theory” was certified Diamond by the RIAA and multi-platinum in countries around the world – it also won Linkin Park their first Grammy award. “Meteora”, on the other hand, sold more than 800,000 copies during its first week. It also earned the band multiply accolades and mentions such as MTV Awards and Radio Music Awards.


Can you say, “mainstream success”?

And the rest (read: touring, collaborations, side projects, later albums, more award-winnings and nominations) as they say, is history.

(Side note: Look how much they’ve grown!)

In June last year, Chester Bennington revealed that Linkin Park has begun working on new material for their upcoming album. In an exclusive interview with “Kerrang!”, he said, “We’ve been working on a new record for the past two months. The music is great and we’re well ahead of where we’re expecting to be. There aren’t a whole lot of noises going on, but there are a lot of good songs.”

He also added that the band aimed to produce a new album every eighteen months, and that he would be shocked if a new album did not come out in 2012. We’d be shocked if a new album didn’t come out SOON because we’ve been waiting for it for as long as we can remember:

[youtube id=”zgEKLhvCCVA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Their new album, “Living Things” is named as such because, according to Mike Shinoda, the album is more about people, personal interactions, and it’s far more personal than their previous albums. Word has it that they’ve been writing a lot about relationships.

And if that’s the case, we really, really can’t wait to hear it now.

“Living Things” will be co-produced by Rick Rubin, the man behind Adele and Metallica, and of course, Mike Shinoda himself. So expect to be pulled back to “back in the day” with Linkin Park with this new album.

Why are we waiting?

For more information, visit their official website and remember to subscribe to their YouTube channel!

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