Finally, rumours that you can obsess over because it’s true – Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are reportedly expecting their first child.

A source close to the couple said, “”They just found out and are incredibly excited. Brian knows she’ll be wonderful with the baby.”


The 25-year-old Transformers sex symbol is already playing Mommy to Brian’s 10-year-old Kassius. Or rather, stepmommy. So preparing for motherhood isn’t exactly going to be a life-altering event for her. But of course, she has always wanted to start a family of “her own”.

Previously, Megan has mentioned, “I’ve always wanted kids. It’s just about the timing being right. I have a number in my of what amount of money I want in the bank so that I can protect that child’s future. And really protect it, so that kid never strugglers. Once I feel safe with that then I’ll have them.”

“I want at least two, probably three kids. I’ve always been maternal.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Megan? Maternal?

Well, still water runs deep!

The tabloids have been crazily obsessive over Megan Fox since she made her Transformers debut in 2007. But they’ve also always painted her in a, how do we put it, sexual light. And for Megan, being right smack in the heart of controversy is nothing new to her.

Perhaps now we’ll have a different reason to really pay attention to her.

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