Son Ye Jin (손예진) and Hyun Bin (현빈) kicked off the new year by officially confirming their romance on 1st January 2021.

Ever since audiences fell in love with their chemistry on the highly-acclaimed K-drama “Crash Landing On You”, many have been shipping them together. Speculation only intensified when they were spotted spending quality time off-screen.


So what were their first impression of each other? “My first impression of [Hyun Bin] was that he had really great skin and hair, and I thought he must be an actor that actresses are really into,” the talented actress (who recently turned 39 on 11th January) recalled. As for Hyun Bin, knowing that Son Ye Jin was attached to “The Negotiation” was a huge factor why he signed onto the project.

His respect for her only grew when he saw that she had cut her hair into a bob. “She cut her hair anyway, and she must have gotten some grief from her follow-up project. It was really motivating for me. What could I do [to be on the same level as her]?” the 38-year-old commented on her commitment and professionalism.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

An industry expert who knows the lovebirds recently predicted that they could very well be tying the knot soon. “They are both nearing the age of 40, and they would not have admitted their relationship so impulsively given their age,” the person was quoted as saying.

If you recall, Son Ye Jin previously expressed her desire to walk down the aisle before a certain age. “Marriage? It’s always a goal that I dream of, but at times I’m sad because I feel it’s getting further away from me. I concentrated on work for such a long time that I’ve passed my mid-thirties already. If I’ve decided that I wasn’t going to get married, then I wouldn’t be worried but I want to get married, and I’m ready to be married if I meet someone. I want to be married before I turn 40,” she said during an interview.

Regardless, we hope that the couple will just continue to enjoy each other’s company and not be pressured by fans and the public.

Source: All Kpop.

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