South Korea’s ‘Landing Casino’ located on the island of Jeju is suffering a huge loss when a cash total of 14.56 billion won (~RM53.7 million) has mysteriously vanished. Now, South Korean police forces are in pursuit of the Malaysian woman involved in the alleged crime.

Based on reports, the woman is one of the few staff responsible for handling funds in the casino in question. What makes this shady is that the CCTV footage from the incident had been completely removed. Since then, she never returned to work.

Malaysian woman
Source: Oh Bulan

The case is currently under investigation and policemen are currently looking for the woman who is said to be in her 50s. It is also worth mentioning that the Landing Casino of Jeju Island belongs to an owner of a Hong Kong firm, Landing International Development Limited. They operate one of the largest resorts in South Korea which is Jeju Shinhwa World.


The firm has reason to believe that all the money loss is still within Jeju territory, because it is impossible to take money that weighs at least 280kg out of Korean airports or docking ports. Furthermore, according to the Yonhap News Agency, the employee had gone for vacation during the final days of December 2020.

Source: World Casino News

South Korean officers were also speculating that multiple people were involved in what is to believed an organised heist. Based on everything that has been brought up, the Malaysian woman is currently the top suspect here.

Sources: Republic World, Vocket.

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