When Kevin Feige recently confirmed that “Deadpool 3” will not only be an MCU movie but also R-rated, many die-hard Marvel fans have been formulating their theories on how he could fit in the universe.

There are definitely some thoughts on how this will affect the movie itself as well as the MCU in general. Now you see, “Deadpool” movies stand out from other Marvel films because the nature of the films are grittier, graphical, and more violent. The R-rating validates all of that.


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The humour

Sure, “Infinity War” has a crossover element with all the previous MCU films that were so well thought out and executed perfectly. But “Deadpool” does have its own special elements that keep it more unique, which includes the mature content that you don’t see in conventional MCU films.

Moreover, “Deadpool” relies on ‘breaking the fourth wall’ humour as its usual gimmick. If anything, the standard MCU films are more reliant on light humour and appropriate scenes that won’t disturb the easily faint-hearted audience. They’re usually more PG-13 friendly than anything (which of course, isn’t a bad thing).

But how will Deadpool fit in with the rest of the MCU characters? How will the MCU characters engage in the fourth wall humour? Will it be awkward? Or will younger audiences especially children fade away from these films because of inappropriate content? This could worry parents and thus, complaints will be underway. Though, many people could care less about this anyway.

Even if Feige said that it will maintain its R-rating, there is a high probability that they will tone it down. Movies like “The Conjuring” film series alongside its spin-off films are all marketed as R-rated films. But even then, people complained that they didn’t go hard enough with the rating and ended up feeling PG-13 friendly. Making Deadpool himself resort to light humour will honestly take away the hilarity of his character and what we love about him so much.

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Connection to X-Men

Another concern relates to the X-Men characters themselves, who were all under Fox. Every one of them in their respective films might be rebooted or recast. Reports said that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is the only one returning whereas the rest of Fox’s X-Men will probably be changed. This gives an indication that the rest of the characters in the previous X-Men franchise will not be canon in the main continuity. Because Deadpool is the exception, this might pose problems for the character himself which could lead to some narrative issues and affect the reputation of the MCU as a whole.

There are theories speculated that could actually make this work, like the time-traveling concept. The post-credits scene of “Deadpool 2” showed Wade using a time machine, which could have led to the possibility of creating different timelines. Also, Wade could have potentially switched to a different universe. The concept of time travel has always been a cool and common theme in the X-Men comics in addition to other movies or stories, so this could work and innovate the MCU to greater lengths of creativity.

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Similarity to She-Hulk’s humour

Or at the very least, Deadpool’s appearance in the MCU might just not be explained at all. The alternative method was for the writers of “Deadpool 3” to just disregard those continuity errors as content for Deadpool’s comedic behaviour. If done right, it could lead to a potentially hilarious movie.


What would elevate this approach is having She-Hulk making her presence known to the universe. And of course, a series revolving around her is in the works. Fortunately, She-Hulk shares a specific similarity with Deadpool himself, and that is engaging in meta-humour. After all, with the number of characters in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool isn’t the only one to break the fourth wall. She-Hulk’s depiction in the comic books feels like interactions with the readers, even when remaining as a motionless drawing. It would certainly make for a fun interaction between the two characters.

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Certainly, with the number of ideas and theories set up for Deadpool’s involvement in the MCU, it does give some sigh of relief as there are talented people working behind the franchise that will surely pull this off. Marvel having such a vast universe filled with a huge variety of characters can make Deadpool’s involvement in the franchise have more clarity and hopefully not a jumbled mess.

Also worth noting – not one MCU movie has ever led to overwhelming and negative criticism, and the average ones tend to be overweighed by the sheer amount of positive movies set in the franchise. But knowing Feige’s management of the MCU and the creative forces in the team, many have faith that he will pull this off.


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Source: Screen Rant.

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