The internet troll who had spread false news about Neelofa and PU Riz has finally come out of her hiding to clear the air on the rumour!

The Twitter user named Syamira Safiya took to her social media account over the weekend to apologise, and retracted her previous statements made against the celebrity couple.


In the post, Syamira finally made it clear that all the allegations were untrue and baseless. “The statements were not made with malicious intent to tarnish their reputation. I also feel a deep sense of regret as this personal action has caused embarrassment, sadness and brought trouble to them,” wrote the netizen. The girl also said that she will take the responsibility for her actions.

Syamira’s apology even caught both Neelofa and her beau’s attention. “Adik, you are still young and you are only in your teenage years. You have a long way to go. Although what happened in the past was too much for me to handle, but there are a lot of things that we can benefit from it. I sincerely forgive you, and may you always be under God’s protection,” Neelofa commented on her Instagram Story update.

Source: IG Story

Meanwhile, Neelofa’s IG Story post was also shared by PU Riz on his social media page. In this case, he also opted to forgive the girl. In an interview with Harian Metro, he explained that the family accepted her apology after believing that the girl had already repented.

“I also hope that the public will not bring this matter up after this. She has already apologised and my family and I have already forgiven her,” the religious figure told the publication.

Sources: Harian Metro, Oh My Media.

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