Ever since the controversy surrounding Neelofa and her beau PU Riz came to light earlier this week, there has been a lot of speculations about the popular celebrity.

Most recently, a Facebook user named Putera Nur Muhammad Raihan thinks that the 31-year-old entrepreneur has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)! He explained that the shocking theory came as a result of his “observations” over the years.

Source: FB

For those wondering, the internet user clarified in his post that he is very fond of Neelofa’s character. He also likes to write about human psychology and even came up with “dozens” of write-ups about the female artist. “The more I dive (into Neelofa’s character), it’s evident that she has a disorder which is synonymous to the narcissistic personality disorder,” he dished.


Using examples of controversial events that Neelofa had encountered in the past, up until the latest one surrounding her relationship with PU Riz, the individual made a lengthy explanation to justify his point. Additionally, he stated that his argument is based on the statements provided by the “Suri Hati Mr. Pilot” actress herself to the media, and not by rumours.

Having said that, Public Health Malaysia also took to its official Facebook to shed some light on the personality disorder. In this case, NPD refers to a mental state in which a person has a sense of importance regarding their own interests as well as a deep need for excessive attention and admiration.

Read their statement here:

For those interested to read Putera Nor Muhammad Raihan’s full findings, feel free to click here.

Source: Kool fm.

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