This week has been a gloomy one for cosmetics entrepreneur Hafiz Mahamad, as his good friend, known as Loh (full name Wan Mohd Abdullah Wan Mohd Noor) had sadly passed away, after a long battle from a stroke.

Upon receiving the sad news, Hafiz rushed to Kelantan to bid his dear friend goodbye. In a 3-minute and 38-second long IGTV clip posted on his Instagram, he recorded the whole funeral process, including driving the hearse van and also leading the funeral prayer for the dead.

Hafiz’s pure intention, however, was met with quite a backlash from local netizens, with most of them arguing that his action of documenting the whole funeral process was deemed as rude and disrespectful. Apart from that, others also compared the tear-jerking clip to a vacation video!

Some of the content creator’s supporters, on the contrary, came to his defence. They stated that netizens should be more understanding on his controversial post, because there are a lot of lessons and also moral values to learn from what Hafiz has shared on his social media.

Take a look at some of the comments here:

Source: Twitter

Refusing to stay silent, Hafiz later took to his Instagram Story to shed some light on the matter. He reposted a clip of popular rapper-turned-social media star Caprice addressing his controversial action on his Instagram Story.


The Instafamous stated, “Only God knows my intention. I don’t want to blame anyone for their opinions on the matter; that’s your point of view. Some benefited from seeing my posting. Others also saw my video and claimed I was being nonsensical. I accept everything, because I cannot control your ‘heart’.”

Source: IG Story

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think Hafiz was using his friend’s death for a publicity stunt?

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