It’s been 4 months since Dee Kosh was accused of being a sexual predator that had targeted young boys. While many have chosen to distance themselves from him and his controversy, a few close friends have chosen to remain loyal.

Aside from Benjamin Kheng, Hirzi Zulkiflie, and Nathan Hartono – who addressed the issue back in August – Ryan Tan of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) and Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue are now shedding light on the Dee Kosh drama.

Dee Kosh


In case you weren’t aware, both Dee and Ryan made headlines when they were spotted serving CWO in public the other day. Upon seeing the Food King hosts together, netizens began bombarding the NOC founder to address the photos of them in their bright uniforms cleaning rubbish.

I had never believed the world to be black and white, to me – everyone is grey. There are no saints without moments of sin and no sinners without moments of good. So to those vile people who are mocking and making fun of this situation, grow up,” Ryan posted in his Instagram Story.

Ryan went on to elaborate that he’s “not a judgmental person” and is maintaining his friendship with the controversial YouTuber despite his mistake. “We’re still friends because I’m not gonna abandon my friends the moment shit hits the fan,” the 32-year-old continued. “I had remained quiet because I have a responsibility to my colleagues and crew but what I do in my personal time and what I know is my privacy I wish to keep so that is all!

Dee Kosh

As if taking a cue from Ryan, Xiaxue also took the opportunity to make her public stand in siding with Dee. “I waited till now to say this because Dee didn’t want more drama. But I suppose now (that) @ryanxgo (has) said his piece, so shall I,” the 36-year-old vocal public figure stated.

The OG influencer went to recall how Dee and Hirzi stood by her and offered support and advice when she was public enemy no.1 shortly before Dee’s sex allegations came to light. “I will never forget that kindness. What kind of person would I be if I were to abandon Dee in his time of need when he was there for me?” she reasoned.

Being a friend means even if they did something wrong, you stay by their side because you know they are good people at heart, and you help guide them to do better. Strangers don’t get this privilege because I don’t know them. Only the few I call my friends do, and I take loyalty very seriously,” Xiaxue added, after admitting that she’s completely bias when it comes to her close circle.


According to Mothership, the Singapore Police Force are still carrying out investigations and that’s probably why Dee has remain silent.

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