Da’i Syed has been dominating headlines this week after his alleged sexual assault case came to light.

If you were active on Twitter last night, you’ll probably notice the hashtag #StandWithDaiSyed trending on social media. So, what’s the issue this time?

Source: Instagram

Initially, loyal supporters of Da’i Syed (real name Syed Shah Iqmal Syed Mohammad Shaiful Syed Jamalullail) came up with the hashtag to show their undying support for the male singer. Most of them posted uplifting words, also voicing their hopes that justice will prevail.


Interestingly, the hashtag column was also flooded with other comments as well. In this case, many K-pop fans made use of the trending topic to share several fan-cams (short footage focusing on a single K-pop group member) and also other related posts about their favourite idol groups!

Check out some of the tweets here:

We’re not quite sure what to make of these K-pop fans hijacking the hashtag #StandWithDaiSyed. What do you think?

Source: Murai.

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