The police confirmed that they have received seven reports of sexual misconduct filed against Muslim preacher-singer, Da’i Syed.

Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department director, Datuk Huzir Mohamed said that the authorities believed that the suspect had used his influence as a famed religious figure to take advantage of his victims.

Source: Utusan

“We recently received seven police reports against the celebrity with two investigation papers opened so far under Section 376 of the Penal Code for rape,” Huzir said at a special press conference yesterday (Tuesday, 1st December). “Another investigation is currently underway, under Section 377(c) of the Penal Code for unnatural sex, and Section 354 for outraging modesty.” 


Meanwhile, the police official also revealed the several methods used by the suspect to manipulate the victim, before making his advances on them. Here are the 3 highlights:

1. The suspect would make use of his position and his well-known name by inviting the victim out. According to Huzir (as per MMO), he will send a Direct Message to his loyal followers on Instagram in order to lure them.

2. After getting to know the victims on social media, the suspect would invite his female followers to meet him in person for various reasons, whether it’s for a meal or business affairs.

3. The suspect would then trick them into following him back to his house after their meet up. These instances would usually result in sexual acts.

During the media conference, Huzir also stated that the department has set up a special task force to investigate the cases involving the suspect.

Sources: mStar, MMO.

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