The internet community was abuzz after a video showing a FoodPanda rider being attacked by a customer went viral online.

As shared by a Twitter user known as Daniel (@afixqs), the security guard at a residence does not allow riders to deliver the meals directly to the tenant’s doorsteps. Seemingly enraged by this, the customer then proceeded to punch the rider in the face.

Source: Twitter

Realising that many netizens have been putting the blame on riders, Daniel clarified, “As a rider myself, I don’t see myself getting into situations as worse as this. The worst I’ve gotten was being scolded by a customer because I arrived late, and it’s not because I purposely delayed my delivery.”


“Sometimes, the vendors were slow in preparing the food, and at times, we have 3 to 4 orders to deliver. It’s our income, why would we want to mess with it?” Daniel added in another thread. “(Customers would) simply complain to FoodPanda about certain riders’ lack of customer service and we’ll get terminated in the end.”

“Why would any rider want to PURPOSELY get terminated, we’re doing this to put food on the table. Applying for this job itself is hard, why would we want to throw it away on purpose?” he concluded his tweet.

Source: Twitter

As for the case between the two men, another Twitter user shared that both of them have settled their argument at a police station. Apparently, it was revealed that the assaulted victim is not a legit FoodPanda rider and he was using someone else’s ID to do his job!

The FoodPanda headquarters has already taken action against the impostor. Meanwhile, the customer was found guilty for starting the fight.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter.

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