Due to the pandemic’s movement restriction, people have been resorting to online shopping, which can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

Recently, the name “Mr. Hu” (sender name) which frequently appears when ordering items from Shopee, got netizens playing detective around social media.

Source: Twitter

It all started when Twitter user @ellezamuri posted a tweet with a photo, where she stated, “Shopee shopaholics would know this man. The only man that matters.” The photo shows details of an item she ordered from Shopee, which identifies the sender as “Mr. Hu”, which set social media abuzz due to its familiar name.


So, who is Mr. Hu?

Since the tweet blew up, it got a lot of attention from curious minds. Thankfully, a few knowledgeable netizens came forth to shed light on the identity of the mysterious man. One user went on to explain that any items ordered from China will definitely have “Mr. Hu” as the sender, but, that’s only one part of the picture.


According to another reply from a fellow netizen, he stated that, “Mr Hu is actually an agent from the (China) sorting center. So, when you order from China, the (Chinese) sellers will ship it to Shopee’s China Hub which is Mr. Hu, before arriving in Malaysia. If you notice, behind Mr. Hu’s AWB, there’s another AWB, that’s the actual seller’s AWB, who you bought from.”

If you’ve never heard of AWB, it stands for Air Waybill, which is the document that accompanies goods shipped by an international courier, allowing it for tracking. Basically, it’s the sticker on your parcel which includes all the order and sender details.

Okay, so we’ve learned about what he does and why his name appears on most AWBs, but who is he? Apparently, a local portal reported that he is actually the President of China Merchants Group Ltd.

If this is true, it makes sense since he is basically behind the shipping business in China, or at least the ones ordered from Shopee. There you go, the internet has figured out everything about the mysterious Mr. Hu, who’s name constantly appears if you order from China’s Shopee sellers.

Source: RedChili21

Here’s a fun fact: There’s also a “Mr. Dongjoo Lee” if you order from South Korea. Our guess is that he is probably in the same boat with “Mr. Hu”, along with other international hub operators. Interesting eh?

Sources: RedChili21, Twitter.

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