Halima Aden is a famous Muslim model who has successfully created her own remarkable history in the fashion scene.

However, the 23-year-old found herself in hot water after she allegedly misspelled the word “Alhamdulillah” on her Instagram post recently.

Source: @halima

In the post, Halima gave an inspirational quote about being thankful to God in order to achieve joy and happiness. “Happiness and contentment comes from being grateful, and appreciating the things and people you have in your life, not getting the things you don’t. Reflect on your situation often, note all the good things that’s happening to you. Say Alxamdulillah,” she wrote in the post.


Halima’s statement on social media has in turn sparked a lot of debate among netizens. A lot of them argued that she was being insensitive as a Muslim. On the other hand, some also defended her, stating that the way others pronounce and write the phrase might vary in accordance to the culture of their respective countries.

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Upon realising the backlash surrounding her recent Instagram update, Halima later took to her Instagram Story to clear the air on the controversy. She explained that the letter X bears the same meaning as the letter H in the country Somalia.

She clarified, “No, I meant ‘Alxamdulillah’ because I am Somali, not Arab. X means H in Somali and Islam is a universal religion. Some of you are not ready for this conversation. Peace and blessing always.”

Source: Wolipop.

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