To celebrate Inside Scoop’s 7th anniversary, they want to “belanja” our frontliners, essential workers, delivery riders and even retail workers during these tough times with #KitaBelanjaKita!

We all know that what you give is what you get back. Well, it’s time for us to give back to our frontliners, who have been working around the clock to keep us safe.

Source: Facebook

Basically, Inside Scoop’s #KitaBelanjaKita is a way for the ice-cream branch to celebrate their 7th birthday in a meaningful way. The way it works is that they will offer a free scoop of ice-cream to our frontliners and essential workers every time you get yourself a scoop from 21st to 28th November 2020.

Sounds easy right?

The local ice-cream brand is also letting you write a message for your free scoop that’s being given away, so it gets delivered to our heroes with your own personalised note. As a side note, if you are a frontliner yourself, just get in touch with Inside Scoop and they will hook you up with scoops of happiness for you and your colleagues!

Source: Facebook

Learn more about Inside Scoop’s #KitaBelanjaKita on their FB post below:

Since we’re all facing hardships together during these tough times, simple gestures like this can make someone’s day a whole lot better and it will definitely go a long way. Plus, who doesn’t love ice-cream right? Especially, if it’s free. 😉

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