Cyclists in Malaysia are prone to criticism due to them inconsiderate of road laws when riding along main roads, especially in large groups.

However, this time a cyclist invited condemnation after she posted a picture with her bicycle on top of a tree in a “no-climbing” area.

Source: Taiping Zone

It seems like the cyclist in the photo didn’t think much about the consequences when she was posing atop of the tree. The issue went viral after a few Perak social media publications took to their Facebook page to question the lady’s stunt.


Some of you might be wondering why it’s an issue for her to post such a photo. Besides damaging or impacting the tree, which looks fairly old, it is reported that visitors are prohibited from climbing the trees in the area since 2018 and there is also a “no-climbing” sign.

Source: Perak Press

When the news came to light, netizens, especially the locals, didn’t take the issue lightly. They were disappointed and outraged with the fact that the cyclist wasn’t being considerate towards the environment or the consequences of her action.

Check out their reactions below:

We should always try to give our best when it comes to taking care of our environment as our ecosystem is deeply connected with one another. As the famous saying goes, “The Earth is what we all have in common.”

Sources: Perak Press Facebook Page, Taiping Zone Facebook Page.

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