Fans were thrilled after learning that Daud Kim had finally made amends with his ex-wife, Mia.

Amid the good news, many have been wondering if the woman was planning to convert to Islam; especially since the duo had announced their plan to tie the knot once again.

Source: YouTube

For those who don’t know, Mia was born in Kyrgyzstan. It is understood that she is familiar with Islam, because she used to live in the country for more than 8 years before becoming a Korean citizen. Although her grandfather was a Muslim, we learned that she was a member of the Russian Orthodox Church.


Most recently, the popular vlogger came up with an exciting announcement on his YouTube page. He shared that Mia had decided to join him in becoming a Muslim too! The video shows Mia reciting the shahada (professing faith to God and Prophet Muhammad), with Daud by her side.

Source: YouTube

So how does Mia feel after officially converting to Islam? She remarked that she felt very comfortable after she finished reciting the shahada. “There is a reason why Islam is my fate. When I have nightmares, I pray following the Islamic way in my dreams. I always seek for Allah in my dreams,” explained Mia.

She continued, “I’ve ‘found’ Allah in my dreams, but I cannot hide my beliefs by having a different religion. No matter what, I can’t go the other way,” to which Daud added, “Even if you go the other way, you will return to (Islam) in the end.” 

With that being said, we wonder if their son will follow in their footsteps in embracing Islam someday?

Sources: Kimchi Daily, Daud Kim.

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