Remember when Daud Kim (김재한) caused quite a stir after confessing that he was married in the past? In the shocking revelation, he also shared that they have a son together.

The famous YouTuber recently delighted his followers with a clip of him reproposing to his ex-wife. And guess what? This marks the first time Daud is introducing his baby mama to the public!

Source: YouTube

So what propelled the influencer to make amends with his former flame? “A lot of things have happened to me. So, I’ve been thinking through this and I realised that I was missing something. Something really big, important, and precious, and that is my family. Especially after my mom fell sick, I felt so many things. Time doesn’t wait for us. If I don’t give love and happiness to them now, I think I’ll regret it all my life,” Daud said.


In the 10-minute long video, Daud (real name Kim Jae Han) invited the woman, known as Mia to meet him at a cafe, which is also the same spot where they often met back during their younger days. While reminiscing their sweet moments together, he also made a promise to Mia that he will do his best as a husband as well as the leader of the family.

Source: YouTube

After presenting his wife with a bouquet of flowers, Daud then got down on one knee to propose to Mia, much to her surprise. Seemingly overwhelmed, Mia broke down in tears as she accepted the former K-pop star’s proposal to re-marry him again.

In the latter part of the clip, the couple also introduced their son named Sun Woo to the viewers. According to Daud, even though the family had chosen to maintain their privacy previously, the two felt that it is better to come clean rather than hide their identities, especially in light of the controversial events that happened in the past.

For those interested, check out the heartfelt video here:

Aww, we’re sincerely happy for both Daud and Mia! We wish the couple all the best on their rekindled romance. ❤️️

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