Yunalis Zarai, or better known simply as Yuna, celebrated her 34th birthday over the weekend.

Naturally, many fans together with loved ones have been flooding her social media with warm birthday wishes. However, one particular fan’s “birthday wish” managed to catch the international songstress’ attention.

Source: IG Story

The Instagram user, known as @calicotasyamochi, had asked the singer to dress more appropriately like a proper Muslim. “I hope you will be a better and be a good inspiration for young hijabis to be just like you. You’re great. I hope you can change your outfit for the better. (This is) Because I love you and I want you to be a good Muslim,” she expressed.


Yuna was not having it with the young netizen’s remark. She replied, “I’m fine actually thank you, I am as real as I can be. I’m sorry that you feel like I need to change to be a good inspiration to others! I promise you when you grow up, you will learn not to judge people by the way they look.”

“Some cover up even just to the eyes to hide the nastiest heart. I hope YOU change for the better and not say things as if you know someone, because I love YOU,” the “Crush” hit-maker further added. Knowing that a lot of people are not really keen with her current appearance, Yuna later took to her Instagram Story to share with her followers her “journey as a Muslim woman” over the past 15 years since she first started out in the music scene.

Here’s what she wrote:

Source: IG Story

Don’t worry, Yuna. We’re sure your loyal supporters will always love you for who you are! 😍

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