Yuna Zarai or more commonly known as Yuna, recently took her time to post an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, where users and fans get to literally ask her anything (she gets to choose which to answer).

The 33 year-old singer posted the AMA on a subreddit called /r/popheads, an online community that centres around pop music.

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We’ve compiled some interesting questions on her inspirations, quarantine experience, and collaborations from the AMA session that might pique your interest:


1. “Hey Yuna! What is a good song to introduce someone to your music if they’d never heard you before?” – u/fairytalehigh

Hmmmm anything! I’d say “Decorate” but every song is so different… maybe listen to everything on “Rouge”!

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2. “Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?” – u/ImADudeDuh

I grew up listening to a lot of different things. No Doubt, Lauryn Hill, TLC, Aaliyah, Alanis Morissette, Bob Dylan.. but songwriting wise I think Lauryn Hill really inspired me to start writing songs.

3. “You’re a collaborations queen, you always get/do such great features. Who were your favourite artists to work with, and who do you hope to get a chance to work with someday?” – u/Ghost-Quartet

Usher. He was just a dream to work with. and Jhene (Aiko)!! I’m a huge Tame Impala fan so I hope I get to work with Kevin Parker one day.

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4. “My question is how was working with Jay Park on the collaboration? Thank you ❣️❣️” u/ComeOnAndSlang

Jay Park is super sweet, I remember going to meet him at the studio in LA to say hi and to show him the song. When I played him the track, he had a huge smile on his face so I took it as a sign! I love “Does She” and LOVE performing it too!

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5. “Hi Yuna, you’ve once wrote a song for ‘Fast 7’ right, but it did not make it for the movie. I’ve always wondered, when will the fans get to listen to the song :/” – u/izaxs

😫 😫 😫 I don’t have it with me! Let me ask Bobby Brackins (who I wrote that with!) !!!

6. “How would you describe the differences when it comes to making music overseas (i.e. USA) and back in Malaysia?” – u/PandoraKris

Making music overseas I think pushes me to be a better songwriter, for example in LA there’s a huge community of singer songwriters, producers, creatives who are constantly working on their craft and they get so good at it, there’s a healthy competition (but not really a competition competition, just everyone doing their own thing and doing it well!)

Its a very positive, creative environment and you get inspired from collaborating with others. I love making music in Malaysia too but as a songwriter, it’s always better for me to branch out and go overseas and learn from other musicians / music scenes.

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7. “How’s this current situation affecting your productivity and creativity?” – u/__haunted__

I’m just a little slow and I get tired easily these days (because I stopped traveling so much!) so at home I just become SuUUUuuper chill!

I do take this time to focus on my health, listen to music, watch films, spend time with my family, do creative things with my husband… just stuff I don’t normally get to do. I’ve been working nonstop for 10 years.

8. “This is assuming that you’ve written new music during quarantine, how would you describe the direction that you’re moving towards.” – u/sklazzers

I usually go back to old memories and write about them – like emotions I had felt before, conversations I had from 10 years ago.. usually this will help me write.

You just gotta use whatever you have during this time you know, good or bad, happy or sad.. For me, I just express myself and write anything that is most natural to me!

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9. “Hi, Yuna! You always have great taste whether it’s video editing or the clothes you wear, so where do you get your creative ideas from?” – u/nasirambutan

Aww thank you!! I like to imagine what will look good on me and try it out. I do a little test run and see if I feel good in it, if I feel comfortable, and then I just wear them outside!

With videos, my hubs and I, we watch a ton of films, music videos, we love directors like Wong Kar Wai, Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson, David Fincher.. we love all these films and we love studying them – so I think maybe thats why?

10. “Cats or dogs?” – u/ComeOnAndSlang

Hahahahahah I love both but I gotta go with cats, my friend. I got 10 of them at home, I fear they might kill me in my sleep if I say dogs.

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11. “What’s something we’d be surprised to hear that you’re a fan of?” – u/Ghost-Quartet

I think people know this.. I still jam to J.Lo!

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