While the internet can be a great place to stay updated on all the ongoing promotions and giveaways, it also makes us more vulnerable to being scammed. This appears to be the case when Laguna Redang Island Resort recently revealed that fraudsters have been using the resort’s name to sell fake stay packages.

These fraudsters have been pretending to be agents of Laguna selling “attractive packages”. However, it is now confirmed that this is a scam and the resort has no connection to such individuals and did not authorise any of the promotions they are trying to sell.

Source: Facebook

It appears that this promotional package, which amassed such a large sum of money, had taken place after the fraudsters falsely advertised a 11.11 promotion for a stay at the luxury beach resort. However, the island resort later clarified that it did not endorse nor participate in any third party 11.11 event or Facebook live event.


In an official statement released on Laguna Redang Island Resort’s Facebook page, the holiday destination stated than an unauthorised sum of RM100,000 was banked into their bank account on 11th November 2020 while also alerting the public to beware of such fraudulent transactions.

Read the full statement here:

Laguna Redang Island Resort
Source: Facebook

The idyllic resort located on the coastlines near Terengganu also asked those who have already made transactions under the scam to report the issue to the police immediately.

“For those who have conducted transaction with the suspected fraudsters, please report the matter to the police immediately as LAGUNA has lodged a police report on 11 November 2020 to protect our interest and to prevent further fraud,” concluded the official statement.

Please be aware of these widespread fraudulent activities and make sure to always triple check the validity of these transactions before deciding to make a purchase.

Source: Laguna Redang Island Resort’s Facebook page.

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