Is TVB officially cutting ties with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Jackson Lai (黎振燁) for good?

Following their respective cheating scandals that rocked the entertainment industry, both of their careers have taken a huge toll. It is also understood that the duo has been on unpaid leave for a while now.

Source: SeeHua

If you recalled, Jacqueline fled to the United States after receiving massive backlash from the public for cheating with Andy Hui (許志安). Two of her shows, “Handmaidens United” and “Finding Her Voice”, debuted last year but were met with negative feedback. In fact, the former apparently had the “lowest viewership of all time” with an average rating of 20.4 points.


Jacqueline joined TVB after winning first runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 2012. The 31-year-old actress still has one more drama series, titled “The Offliners”, which is scheduled to air on TVB’s paid subscription channel next year. Although she still has a few years on her contract, it appears that the broadcasting company wants to cut their loses while they can.

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Similarly for Jackson, the 34-year-old actor had been upfront about his contract being frozen by TVB. The new dad, who welcomed his baby boy back in June, was caught red handed during his affair with Ashley Chu (朱智賢) while his wife was still pregnant. It doesn’t help that the entertainment industry has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as well.

There’s no official announcement yet but word on the street has it that TVB will terminate Jacqueline and Jackson’s contracts in the near future.

Sources: 38JieJie, Mothership.

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