The man who has been relentlessly harassing Malaysian influencer Cathryn Li is back again with further allegations about himself. The said stalker, named Carrick Tan, has been recently trending due to his odd tactics when approaching Cathryn.

Initially, in order to seemingly intimidate Cathryn, the gent claimed that he was the personal advisor to the Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin.


Following an investigation, it was revealed that no one named Carrick Tan was employed under the MCMC. Now Carrick denies that he impersonated a MCMC officer, as he was hired through a “direct invite” instead.

For those who don’t know, here’s a quick update on what has gone on between the pair thus fair. Carrick, who was an unknown person to the fitness model, messaged her without consent and asked her out for coffee. In these messages, Carrick sent an image of a name card implying that he works for MCMC.

As Cathryn didn’t respond and also posted his messages on her Instagram ‘Close Friends’ story, Carrick is said to have contacted her through many other channels, and proceeded to share posts of their conversations and accused her of defamation. Soon, the issue escalated to a point where they both filed police reports against each other.

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According to a local portal, Carrick denies that he was ever connected to MCMC as he was appointed to be an advisor to Communications and Multimedia Deputy Minister Datuk Zahidi through a direct invite.

“My salary is paid directly from Zahidi’s pocket,” Claimed carrick.

Carrick also told the publication that he sent the name card with the MCMC logo because he wanted to show the fitness model that he is apparently an individual with some background. Furthermore, Carrick had stated that he only approached Cathryn in the first place because he was doing civil service work; He explains that his intention was to investigate an issue regarding one of Cathryn’s videos on behalf of the MCMC.

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A few of us at the KKMM office were talking about (the article). We don’t think (the video) is right because there are students and people of various religions following her. Many people (in the ministry) don’t understand what the news was about,” said Carrick.

According to China Press, Carrick was supposed to receive a Datukship from the Sultan of Pahang. However, this is no longer the case due to this ongoing controversy. Claiming to follow Datuk Zahidi’s advice to take legal action, Carrick is currently suing Cathryn for defamation with the damages amounting up to RM30 million.

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Read the full story on Cathryn and Carrick’s previous interactions here.

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