Have you watched the music video for Nabila Razali’s latest single titled “Peluang Kedua”? For those who don’t know, K-Clique member MK also makes an appearance as the singer’s love interest in the clip.

Upon seeing these two talented stars’ strong chemistry portrayed in the video, many fans have been shipping Nabila and MK together. So what does the “Akademi Fantasia” alum has to say about this?

Source: YouTube

In an interview with mStar, the “Kebaya Kasut Canvas” actress said that she, as well as the rest of the team involved, have done their best in conveying the message in the music video. Nabila further remarked that she’s happy with the immense amount of response received from music lovers.


When asked about fans’ desire to see the on-screen romance play out in real life, Nabila responded by saying that she isn’t ruling out any possibility. She shared, “I can’t say anything when it comes to my love life. I understand that a lot of people adore our on-screen chemistry in the “Peluang Kedua” MV. For me, it’s our responsibility to carry out the message, and I think MK has done a very good job.”

Ever since it was uploaded on YouTube back in August, the clip has gained over 21 million views online! For those interested, watch the full music video for “Peluang Kedua” here:

So what do you guys think of these two celebs together as a couple? Yay or nay?

Source: mStar.

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