Sharifah Zarina has found herself in the spotlight yet again!

The singer posted a clip on her TikTok account, @realsharifahzarina, which details her experience of getting married at an early age. She ended up receiving backlash from netizens, who labelled her a show-off.

Watch it here:


In addressing her most recent controversy, the “Syair Pesona” songstress emphasised that the netizens are entitled to their opinions. “Actually, I wanted to cheer up those who are married at a young age, not to encourage early marriage. But I believe there’s nothing wrong (in marrying early) to avoid zina (illicit sexual relationship),” she told Gempak.

“The video in question is just about my experience, when I reminisce about my early marriage. I had to support my kids while my friends were still enjoying their youth. I lost all my friends after I got married. But now, my kids are my true friends. At 39, I have my children to talk to and no longer need to depend on outsiders,” Sharifah Zarina added in the chat.

Source: Instagram

Sharifah Zarina also shared that the clip was in response to her fans who shared their concerns about getting married at a young age. According to her, “I can’t share everything about my life, from A to Z, since it was only 60 seconds long. But still people went ahead and judged me.”

“These days, I’m much stronger. When I read those hateful comments, I can laugh it off. They have their own understanding and their perception may not be the same as mine. Some people see it positively, and others might view it the other way around,” she added.

Source: Beautifulnara

During the chat, the mother-of-three also clarified that the recent controversies involving her family was not meant to seek cheap publicity. “I have no idea why a lot of people have been paying attention to me lately. I don’t need more publicity on me, as I have been in the industry for 17 years,” Sharifah Zarina told the publication.


Source: Gempak.

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