A nurse at Hospital Melaka lodged a police report, claiming to be a victim of sexual harassment by an elderly man who is a Covid-19 patient there.

The 60-year-old was believed to have uttered obscene words while the victim was attending to him.


According to the report, the incident happened while the medical staff was taking a blood test for the culprit. He then proceeded to strike up a raunchy conversation with the nurse, much to her shock.


The man initially received a call from a woman, believed to be his wife, and turned the speaker on while speaking to the phone. Based on the conversation, the caller asked what the senior citizen was doing. He casually responded that he was having an “intimate act” with the nurse on duty. The patient even offered to make a video call to show what he was doing.

Source: Oh My Media

The female nurse became alarmed at the elderly man’s outrageous behaviour, as she was the only one in the room with the patient. That’s not all! After he finished the conversation, he then asked to have a look at the condom catheter. He even asked the victim to hold his genitals so he could put on the condom!

Following the uncomfortable ordeal with the senior citizen, the nurse left the room shortly after and immediately filed a police report. State CID chief Asst. Comm. Mohd Nor Yhazid Idris confirmed that the police have received the report regarding the incident and further investigation is underway.

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Melaka state Health Director, Datuk Dr. Ismail Ali, also confirmed that the department is aware of the report lodged by the frontliner, as the department’s internal investigation is currently being conducted comprehensively.

He also assured that they will cooperate fully with the authorities for further action.

Source: AWANI.

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