A Malaysian couple and their three-year-old son died horrifically at their home in West London. The family was reported to be out of sight for two weeks, whereafter Metropolitan police officers forcefully entered the home and found the 36-year-old mother and infant son dead.

The mother, Poorna Kaameshwari Sivaraj, and her toddler are reported to have been dead “for some time”. The 42-year-old father, Kuha Raj Sithamparanathan, was treated for stab wounds.

Source: Malaysia Chronicle
Malaysian Couple
Source: Malaysia Chronicle

Apparently, he is suspected to have injured himself upon hearing authorities break into the house. However, he was later pronounced dead at the scene. The bodies were found at their residence in Clayponds Road, Brentford, at approximately 1am on 6th October (Tuesday).


Neighbours in that area are reported to have been shocked by the family’s death, but claim that they heard the couple screaming at each other during lockdown. The couple’s neighbour, Sheri Diba, also stated that she hasn’t seen the family for quite some time.

Sheri additionally commented, “They’ve been really helpful. They always greet others and are always seen walking together.” Sheri stated that she has been living in this area for seven years, and described it as a “good neighbourhood.”

Source: Malaysia Chronicle

Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding of Met’s Specialised Crime Command issued a statement reading: “As we’re in the early stages of this investigation, it seems that Poorna and Kailash had been dead for some time. Sadly, their family dog, a Cockapoo breed was also killed in the gruesome incident.”

Jamila, a neighbour who lives in a block nearby the Malaysian couple, added: “It’s tragic. They loved their dog and I’d see them all the time taking him out for walks.”

“This is a murder case, and my team will work closely to ascertain the chain of events that led to the murder and death of Kuha Raj Sithamparanathan and family,” stated Chief Inspector Simon Harding. “Our initial enquiries have shown that Poorna and Kailash have not been seen or heard for some time, maybe since around 21st September.”

Malaysian Couple
Source: Malaysia Chronicle

Reports on what exactly led to this terrible incident are still pending. We await further information from the authorities in London.

Source: Varnam, Malaysia Chronicle.

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