Ayda Jebat has been receiving another round of criticism from netizens this week, thanks to her recent Instagram update.

The popular celebrity shared her thoughts on the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in our country. Not only that, she also urged the government to consider tightening the current recovery movement control order (MCO) or to implement a lockdown.

Source: @aydajebat

The “Bukan Gadis Biasa” actress wrote, “If there’s no lockdown or tightening of the SOPs, the number of (positive Covid-19), cases will rise as (our) families and friends continue to go out. They’ll still have to go to work or school, eat out, travel and more. I’m worried.” She then asked her followers to give their opinions on the matter.


Well, not everyone agreed with Ayda’s suggestion. As a result, the comments section was flooded with various remarks from fans and netizens alike. Most of them argued that the economic situation will get worse with a lockdown. It’s no secret that thousands have lost their jobs and source of income since the MCO took place back in March.

Others also argued that the implementation of a lockdown would have no negative effect on public figures like Ayda. According to them, most celebs have stable earnings as compared to common people who are suffering from financial difficulties. Here are some thoughts shared by netizens:

Source: Instagram

So far, the government has not decided on whether a nationwide MCO is necessary or not.

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