Syatilla Melvin sparked outrage among netizens after she uploaded a few suggestive photos of her with her husband, Shaheizy Sam, for the promo of traditional medicine “Pengaseh”.

In one of the photos on her Instagram, Sam is seen lying on a broken bed with his hand cuffed, while his baby mama is pictured smiling contentedly at the corner of the bed.


The public’s reception was mostly negative. A lot of people have been calling the couple out for using a cheap marketing publicity in promoting the product. Not only that, the local hijabista was also badly criticised for promoting the sexual content online.

In response to that, Syatilla admitted that she deliberately used a double meaning approach in promoting the supplement. According to her, “We intended to use photos that allude a double meaning and will attract much attention. If fans see it in a negative way, then it will automatically turn into something negative, and vice versa. The image is not straight forward.”

Some of the negative comments left by netizens (Source: IG)

“It is different if someone views it in a positive light. But for us, our marketing strategy is successful when it generates buzz among fans. Honestly, there is no intention to make the photo look obscene, but if there are others who view it the other way around, that’s up to them,” Syatilla further added in the interview.

“Throughout my involvement in local showbiz, I’ve been accepting criticism pretty well. In this case, I’m turning all the hate comments into something more positive. I don’t want to be discouraged by this, because such issues like this have made me stronger,” the “Surah Buat Maisarah” actress was quoted as saying.

Source: @samtilla

Syatilla was spotted at the launch of her Kekaseh by The Melvins’ mascara line at the Shah Alam Convention Centre last week.

Source: Gempak.

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