Science, Technology, and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaludin has met with Veveonah personally to apologise on behalf of the government, and offered her the opportunity to work together.

The apology was for the embarrassing actions of two deputy ministers that stirred up drama when they accused the Sabahan student of faking her online examination in a viral video, uploaded back in June.

Commonly referred to as KJ, the minister posted on Twitter yesterday (10th September), that he went to University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) to meet with the student. “Had a chance to meet Veveonah at UMS. I have apologised to her and her parents on behalf of the government,” he said in his post.

KJ continued in the post stating he had proposed the Sabahan to work with Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) to develop an innovative project at her village to focus on environmental conservation. This was suggested since YIM is an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation.

Source: Khairy’s Twitter

Previously, Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Zahidi Zainul, claimed that Veveonah faked her online examination on YouTube for fame. Later on, he claimed that he had received false information from Deputy Finance Minister Abdul Rahim, regarding her exam schedule.

However, Rahim stands by his claim and insisted that she wasn’t honest in the viral video, where she climbed and stayed on a tree to get better internet connection in order to take her online exams. The issue with the Sabahan has dragged for weeks despite the actual problem being the lack of network coverage in rural areas of Sabah.

Zahidi Zainul (left), Abdul Rahim (right). (Source: Malay Mail / The True Net)

According to Free Malaysia Today, Khairy said that the Cabinet is disappointed in the two deputy ministers about Veveonah.

Datuk Haji Masidi Manjun, UMS Board of Directors Chairman has verified that Veveonah did sit for the online examination in June.


Source: Free Malaysia Today

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