A celebrity’s private life has always garnered much attention from the public. Especially, when it comes to their relationship status. Our nation’s female celebrities are not only desired by the locals, they are also eye-candy for men in western countries. Nonetheless, not all love stories end with a happy ending, some end on a sad note.

Relationship comes with heartbreaks, and celebrities are not immune to it. Here are 6 female celebrities from Malaysia who got divorced and had their hearts broken by western men:

1. Maya Karin

Source: Blogspot

Maya Karin was 29 when she got married to Muhammad Ali Abdullah, or his original name, Steven David Shorthose on 14th August 2008 at Villa Corte De Lago, Italy. The newly-wed later held a wedding reception at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia in Kepong on 26th August, the same year.


The marriage was however short-lived when they decided to get a divorce just 2 years into the marriage. The “Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam” actress told the media that the divorce was mutual. They settled the divorce at the same court where they registered their marriage.

2. Serina Redzuawan

Source: Astro Awani

After 2 years of living apart from each other, Serina Redzuawan’s divorce with British Gavin Edward O’Luanaigh, was confirmed on 1st August 2017. Gavin or his Islamic name, Salahudin Ghaffar and Serina tied the knot on 1st August 2010 before giving birth to 2 children, Tristana Areef and Isabella Saffiya.

The court had decided on the custody of both their children, based on an agreement with Serina. Three years after the divorce, Serina was awarded custody of her 8-year-old daughter Isabella Safiyya Salahudin. However, the custody of her 9-year-old son Tristan Tareef Salahudin still remains under her ex-husband.

3. Jaclyn Victor

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The popular singer, Jaclyn Victor also falls in this list when she and Shawn Rivera divorced earlier this year after just 5 years of marriage. The heartbreaking news was shared on Rivera’s Facebook, admitting it was a difficult process for them to arrive at this decision.

They got acquainted after the Malaysian idol winner and the 48-year-old musician from Pennsylvania, USA collaborated on the track “Magical Moment”. They were married on July 2014 in Philadelphia, and both of them have 2 children together, Jonah, 4, and Molly, 2.

Jaclyn Victor expressed her happiness a month after the divorce, letting the public know that she is okay and a lot happier now. She also insisted that her priorities are her children, and Shawn will always be their father.

Read more about Jaclyn Victor and Shawn Rivera’s divorce here.

4. Sarimah Ibrahim

Source: Murai

Sarimah Ibrahim’s marriage with Australian-born Amir Andrew John Browning was short-lived when they got divorced on 15th May 2009. According to the TV host, her former-spouse apparently threw the words “I Divorce You” to her three times at their condominium in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.


5. Jeslina Hashim

Source: Oh Hangat

Singer-actress Jeslina Hashim happened to be one of our Malaysian beauties who got her heart broken by a westerner. Her divorce with Dion Andrew Vercoe was confirmed on March 2013.

Jeslina and Dion tied the knot on 21st April 2005 and had two children together, Micah, 10, and Keira, 8. Neither Jeslina nor Dion have released a statement in addressing the reason behind the divorce.

6. Leina Hangat

Source: Oh Hangat

Leina Hangat suffered for four years when her husband, Muhammad Jamal Deluloy Abdullah cut off all contact with her before she was granted “fasakh” or the dissolution of marriage in Islam. Leina married her now ex-spouse on 21st August 2002 before living together at Pelangi Beach Resort, Langkawi.

After Jamal moved to Singapore in 2003, Leina claimed that the man she married had turned into an alcoholic and was having an affair. The divorce was confirmed 6 years later on 6th August 2008.

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