Kpop fans are head over heels with BTS member Jimin (지민)’s retro denim look in the music video for the group’s most recent hit single “Dynamite”.

In the music video, all seven members of the group were dressed in vintage clothes which gained significant praise from the public. In particular, many fans (especially ARMYs) agreed that Jimin’s styling stole the spotlight.

Source: AllKpop

Recently, a netizen took to an online community forum to share the price of each outfit and accessories worn by the K-pop idol. Some of the trendy pieces worn by Jimin include branded items like the Ralph Lauren repaired denim trucker jacket worth US$298 (RM1,242.50) as well as the Dior-branded oblique motif tee which is priced at US$798 (RM3,127.10).


Many Korean netizens were impressed with the retro styling that complimented well with the modern-day pieces worn by Jimin. Others also praised the perfect combination of the singer’s brownish purple-dyed hair with the repaired denim trucker outerwear. The best part? Anyone can recreate the look regardless if you’re a guy or girl.

Check out some of the highlighted comments left by netizens here:

  • “This outfit is so cute and it fits Jimin perfectly.” 
  • “His hair, the outfit and accessories are all fitting. 
  • “Jimin was born to be a K-pop idol. The denim-on-denim look is so perfect.”
  • “It’s difficult to pull of the denim-on-denim fashion. Really nice styling!”
  • “His pink fingertips are cute too.”
  • “Jimin can do everything he wants too. He is perfect!”
Source: AllKpop

Do you agree with the fans’ opinion? Share with us in the comments section. 🙂

Source: AllKpop.

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