An online community forum held a discussion about BTS member Jimin (지민) over the weekend. The episode was about the K-pop star’s charming response to a die-hard follower during his live streaming session.

During the session, the Busan-born heartthrob came across a comment from a female fan who compared him to her boyfriend, and his reaction was indeed priceless!

Source: Jazmine Media

According to the fan, “My boyfriend hates you. But I still can’t live without you even though I can do so without him.” Jimin then responded, “Hahahaha, don’t say that. Your boyfriend might come find me and beat me,” with a slight smirk on his face.


The fan who captured this incident commented, “Oppa, we can see how your lips are automatically curling into a smile.” Not only that, another fan also screenshot the “Boy With Luv” singer’s face during that moment to conduct a digital analysis on his expression. The result of the test was interesting! It reads, “The face of a happy 24-year-old male college student.”

Source: AllKpop

Jimin’s sweet reaction towards the fan has in turn gone viral among ARMYs (as BTS fans are lovingly referred to). In this case, it’s no surprise to us that many were head over heels in response to his adorable remark.

Feel free to check out some of the highlighted comments as well as the viral snippet of his live broadcast here:

  • “I will give up on every men just to be with Park Jimin. It’s an easy choice that there’s no debate for it at all.”
  • “He really knows how to steal our hearts!”
  • “We all know he enjoyed it.”
  • “Is he telling her to stop or to continue? LOL”
  • “The amount of times I keep on replaying the video is unhealthy.”

Source: AllKpop.

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