The seven boys of BTS recently gathered together via a YouTube live stream to share with fans their discussion about their upcoming comeback album.

During the session, all of the members came up with their own ideas on various topics regarding the soon-to-be-dropped album, including the concept, themes, subunits and more. For those who are curious, we’ve compiled 10 things that they brainstormed during the meeting:

1. BTS subunits


J-Hope suggested for the members to bring back two subunits from their rookie days; Jin, Suga, and RM from “Adult Child” and Jimin, V, and Jungkook and himself from “Beautiful”. They also mentioned about coming up with two vocal line units and one rap unit respectively.

2. A “bright” concept

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Rapper Suga proposed for the boys to carry out a more “bright and cheerful” concept for this comeback, which gained support from fellow member Jimin. BTS members doing cutesy stuffs on stage? We would die to witness that, honestly!

3. Minimiz unit

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Suga had more to share! He further suggested that both he and Jimin form a special subunit for a rap song. The reason being? Because he “seriously wants to hear Jimin rap.” We’ll just leave you with their live performance of “Tony Montana” below for those who are dying out of curiosity.

4. Skit comeback


A few BTS supporters noted that they haven’t included a their self-produced skit in any of their albums since 2017’s “Love Yourself: Her”. Therefore, the members believed that this comeback might be the appropriate time to bring it back!

5. 7 songs = 7 years


As said by member V, the decision to include a total of seven songs in the album fits the best since this year marks their seventh anniversary as a group. The other members then agreed, implying that the album may contain four songs with all members participating, two subunit songs, plus one special skit.

6. A “So What” song

During the meeting, V also expressed his wish to do a song that has similar vibe to their previous song called “So What”. The song was taken from their 2018 album “Love Yourself: Tear”.

7. A “Spring Day” song

Meanwhile, member Jin suggested a song that resembles their 2017 hit “Spring Day”, saying that the song has complete “mass appeal”. Team leader RM agreed by saying that “it’s time to have that kind of song”.

“Spring Day” 2.0 is coming y’all!

8. A song that can relieve stress

According to maknae Jungkook, he wants a song that can help ARMYs release their frustration when they’re feeling annoyed about something. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a song which would help relieve stress? Not just the “I don’t care. Let’s just get crazy” type of song. But instead, going straight outright like “It’s so annoying, I’m so pissed off,” kind of message,” the 23-year-old was quoted as saying.

9. Important keywords

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During the session, the members also mentioned a few keywords that are related to the album’s theme and subject matter that fans need to keep in mind. They are empathy (Jin), telepathy (RM), and letter (Suga).

10. And finally…the RELEASE DATE

As spilled by the Spoiler King Jin himself, BTS’s comeback will drop sometime in October this year! So, mark your calendar ARMYs. They are returning much sooner than everyone expected.

For those interested, check out the full clip of their session here:

Source: Koreaboo.

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