Yikes! Looks like things are not looking pretty for Safiey Illias.

The entrepreneur revealed that she suffered from swollen and purulent cheeks after she sought aesthetic treatment from an unauthorised home beauty service.

Source: IG via myartisdotcom

Safiey uploaded a photo showing her swollen cheeks, before it became severely purulent, on her Instagram. According to her, the worsening condition has begun to affect her well-being now. She then sought a follow-up treatment at a certified aesthetic clinic.


“The doctor said there was pus. He was mad as he asked what I had done to my face. At that time, back in November, I was itching to do that (aesthetic treatment) at home. Or was it because of the dimple surgery? I don’t know, I can’t seem to recall,” wrote the “Apa Salah Syinta” singer.

Source: IG via myartisdotcom

She then urged her followers to not fall for house-to-house aesthetic treatment. According to Safiey, “We only have one face. You can save up money along the way. But if you have the cash, invest in a specialist doctor and not with instant medical experts out there without an LCP (Letter of Credentialing and Privileging) certificate.”

In similar news, Safiey also posted a newspaper report about her eyebrow lift surgery, which costs about RM30,000. She previously had to undergo the procedure following a cosmetic error on her face as a result of her former surgery. As expected, her revelation was met with tons of backlash from the public, including Muslim preacher PU Syed.

The “Pencetus Ummah” alum took to his Instagram to share his views, where he claims that what Safiey had done was clearly against Islamic teachings. “Those actions are clearly haram (forbidden) in the law because the individual has changed God’s creation without any acceptable reasons allowed by religion,” wrote PU Syed.

PU Syed also criticised the cosmetics business mogul over her sinful act, fearing that the public might follow suit. That’s not all! In the caption, the religious figure also hopes that the authorities will arrest both Safiey and her friend, Nur Sajat, to teach them a lesson.

Source: myartisdotcom

For those who do not know, Safiey publicly confessed that she had undergone several operations on herself in the past. This include a surgery to remove silicone implants on her chest last year.

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