Reality TV star, Scheana Shay, revealed that she was in a sex “throuple” with the pop singer John Mayer once upon a time.

Shay appeared on an episode of Actionpark Media’s “Flashbacks” podcast, which aired this week. On this episode, Shay claimed that she and the “New Light” singer had an interesting romantic history together. However, Shay and Mayer weren’t the only ones involved in this little part of history. There was a third – and it was called a “throuple”!

John Mayer
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According to Shay, all this started back in 2008 when Mayer would run into her at the Grand Havana Room. Shay was a waitress at the exclusive cigar club during that time and, Mayer would drop in for a visit on and off.


After his split with actress Jennifer Anniston, Meyer started hanging out with both Shay and another one of the reality star’s old friends, Stacie Adams. Adams, who was also Shay’s roommate at the time, is more popularly known as “Stacie the Bartender” from MTV’s reality TV show “The Hills”.

John Mayer
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According to Shay, the three of them got into a “throuple” which went on for a period of 6 months. “This went on for about six months, that we hung out,” said Shay. “It just became kind of the three of us. We had a little throuple going on.” Following this, one of co-hosts of “Flashbacks” clarified with Shay and asked if she meant a “sexual throuple,” where she simply confirmed it with a “Yeah.”

Shay also went on to explain that while they were all equally getting attention as a throuple in the beginning, she later began to get jealous of Adams when she found out that Meyer “liked her more.”

“I was like, wait, I brought you into this and now you’re getting more attention than I’m getting. What’s up with that?” Shay explained. “And even after him and I stopped talking, they continued talking.”

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By the time the throuple ended, Shay had also lost her job because of it. Apparently her coworkers at the Grand Havana Room had overheard talk about their relationship with the Grammy winner and Shay was fired, as waitresses were not allowed to “fraternise” with club members.

Shay then went on to get a job at SUR, which is owned and run by the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Lisa Vanderpump. It was because this new job that Shay eventually got the opportunity to star in the notorious reality TV show, “Vanderpump Rules”.

Thanks to Meyer’s throuple Shay was able to claim her share of fame. “So if it wasn’t for John Mayer, I wouldn’t be on “Vanderpump Rules”,” said Shay.

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