Times are tough. With a pandemic that has crippled the world and its economy, it seems like the crisis just keeps coming at us. Many have noted the struggle about adjusting to the #NewNormal, which include Zoom calls for work and rotating office schedules, as well as constantly having the thought of “my mask!” plaguing us every time we step foot outside the safety of our homes.

That being said, how is your skin dealing with all of this change? If you have noticed an improvement to your skin, it’s no coincidence; the air quality has been improving with the lack of vehicles on the road, as well as lack of exposure to bad air since we are expected to remain at home. We also have more time now to invest in our skincare routines since gaining that extra hour usually spent on commuting to and from work. The lack of makeup being worn also contributes to a much radiant skin.

However, if your skin has been experiencing a lot more breakouts during this RMCO, don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s only expected with how stressful all of the changes has been. If you’re wondering why your skin has not been looking its best, maybe these tips can be of service to you.

1. The Reality of Masks

Source: Michael Amadaeus/Unsplash via Tatler

The instrument that has become a necessity in containing this pandemic and staying safe, masks seem to be a double-edged sword when it comes to skincare. On one hand, it protects you from the harsh environment you are in, but on the other hand— it also can be bad for you.

This especially stems from long-term mask wear without changing throughout the day, as dirt and germs can be trapped in the skin from doing so. A good way to avoid this would be to change your mask after 5-8 hours, especially if you notice your makeup staining it.

2. Invest in a Good Cleanser


If your situation does not permit you to change masks that frequently, the next step would be to get a trusty facial cleanser. Even with frequent mask changes, there’s always a way for dirt and germs to be trapped in the epidermis without us being able to notice it with the naked eye.

Therefore, your cleanser should be strong enough to remove all of these toxins from your skin without actually being harsh enough to cause damage. Remember to read all the ingredients before purchasing your cleansers, as you would not want to accidentally irritate your skin by using a product that does not agree with you!

How about trying Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser, which is specifically made to not irritate your sensitive skin? The cleanser gently cleans (as the name suggests *wink*) without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Think of it as your skin’s saving grace during these trying times!

3. Washing Your Hands and Taking Frequent Showers

Being at home may mean that we are somewhat safer from the exposure of the outside world, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! The average person touches their face 16 times a day, which means that you are still irritating your skin with the transfer of bacteria!

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap whenever you can, to at least ensure a minimal amount of bacteria transfer while touching your face. This includes the rest of your body as well! Make sure you’re staying clean while being at home with Cetaphil’s Ultra Gentle Body Wash, made to ensure every inch of you gets clean with minimal irritation for softer, healthier and ultimately happier skin.

4. Dry and Cracking Hands

Source: First Aid for Life

Who says that skincare is limited to the skin on your face? It’s important for us to take care of the rest of our body too; especially our hands. All that washing to prevent bacteria may perhaps be what’s saving our face but at what price?

Soap, while is great for killing germs, also dries out the moisture in our hands. In order to prevent them from cracking, it would be best to invest in a good lotion to apply after washing your hands. This way, you can stay safe, improve your skin, and maintain your soft hands!

Give Cetaphil’s Moisturising Cream a try; made for both face and body for your convenience. Slap some on after drying your hands off to ensure that you salvage those poor cracked palms in time!

5. Sun Protection


Even though we are not outdoors as much as we used to be, it does not mean we can slack off when it comes to protection from the sun. A few minutes is all it takes to create irreversible damage, so it is always a must to wear sunscreen! A quick addition before your daily moisturizer goes a long way, especially in a country as hot as ours.

This way you can be protected even if it’s just for a few seconds to collect your food from delivery or a quick trip out for groceries. Pick up a UVA/UVB Defense SPF50+ from Cetaphil today from your nearest Watsons, where you get the best deals as a member! If you’ve yet to become a member, do sign up soon to enjoy great discounts and benefits.

If all of these steps sound good to you, you might want to check out Cetaphil’s Watsons promotion. Every weekend until 31 August 2020, Watsons has deals of up to 25% off exclusively on Cetaphil products— with a bonus 5% if you are a member!

If trying a new product seems daunting to you, how about checking out Cetaphil’s Trial Kit? With their star products, the Gentle Skin Cleanser and the Moisturising Cream, you’ll be able to give it a try without the anxiety of not being able to finish a full-sized product.


After all, you don’t have to choose between breaking the bank or investing in skincare; we got you covered on both. That being said, if Cetaphil has already been your go-to skincare brand, you might want to snag this twin-pack (and even triple pack in stores!) while stocks last! Watsons are even including free gifts with purchases of twin packs, so you might as well make the most of your weekly grocery run 😉

Remember, sometimes it’s worth the money to invest in great skincare. A beautiful, clear and radiant skin would not only do wonders on your outward appearance, but also keep you skin healthy and improve your skin’s elasticity. So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Watsons now and purchase Cetaphil Skincare products.

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