Sharnaaz Ahmad caught everyone’s attention after he was spotted leaving an uplifting comment on Mahathir Mohamad‘s Instagram after his alleged affair with up-and-coming actress Alya Iman was brought to light.

In one of the 30-year-old businessman’s posts, Sharnaaz responded, “Stay sharp, brother. Take it like a man and I know you can handle this (issue) wisely,” which drew negative reactions among local fans.

Source: Gempak

In response to the backlash, Sharnaaz clarified in an interview with Gempak saying, “The netizens have misunderstood the word ‘stay sharp’ that I wrote. In this case, when we make a mistake, we have to be responsible for that. Regardless, he is still my friend.”


According to the father-of-one, a true friend will always be by one’s side through thick and thin. “What kind of person is that who runs away and hides whenever their friend is in a difficult situation? I will never do that even though there were a few people who did that to me in the past. My parents never taught me to ditch friends when they need me,” Sharnaaz was quoted as saying.

The “Mukhlis” actor continued, “If the netizens still want to bash me, go ahead. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years now, I’m already immune to all the hate comments. I believe it’s wise for us to pray and extend our best wishes to everyone else.”

Source: instagram

During a chat with the local portal, Sharnaaz also denied claims that he is taking advantage of Mahathir’s wealth. “If I took advantage (of Mahathir), I would be rich by now. I’m just an ordinary person and I’m friends with everyone.”

Source: Gempak.

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