Penny Salman’s husband “Mr. M” is finally shedding some light on the recent controversy surrounding his alleged affair with Alya Iman.

In his recent update on Instagram, the businessman, Mahathir Mohd, urged all netizens to quit leaving defamatory remarks targeted towards his family.

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The 30-year-old wrote:


“After 2 days of allowing all of you to leave your comments in the space provided, I’ve had enough of all the advice, slander, and even insulting words left by all of you. I am grateful for your concern for my family. 

So, enough with all the negative comments on my social media and also my wife. Please have some respect for us. Every human being makes mistakes. Once again, thank you to all netizens for your concern.”

In an Instagram Live session yesterday (Sunday, 26th July), the 30-year-old was seen apologising to his wife, Penny Salman and the rest of his family members. According to Mahathir, he deeply regrets what had happened over the past few days.

Mahathir also gave a stern warning to a few netizens who left hurtful comments. He said, “I have one advice for cyber-bullies who have left harsh comments. I wish you all the best, but if you go overboard, I won’t hesitate to take action. At the moment, my lawyer and I are checking through a few negative remarks on Instagram.”

To those who DMed my wife, throwing tons of false claims to make the situation worse, congratulations for successfully slandering me and my family,” he added in the clip. That’s not all, Mahathir also revealed that he’s planning to take legal action against the culprits who had spread false allegations.

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Seemingly to avoid further criticism, Mahathir has disabled the comments section.

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