Nur Sajat’s former flame, Coach Yin (full name Mohd Tishrin Mohd Adnan) has apparently found a new love.

The hunky 27-year-old recently caught everyone’s attention after he posted a clip of himself gifting a watch to his alleged new partner – a woman known as Yeen Azmeen.


So what made Coach Yin fall for the lucky lady? “I’m interested in her because she rarely misses her prayer times. She’s also very skilled in cooking as well as taking care of children. At first glance, she resembles Mira Filzah. But after looking at her twice, she looks like Yeen Azmeen,” he wrote on the caption.

In another update on Instagram, Coach Yin shared with his followers a picture of Yeen. He accompanied the post with a romantic caption that reads, “Pray the best for us, okay? I miss you, dear. I’ve sent this photo of you to my mom. She said you’re very sweet.”

Many netizens took to the comments section to leave positive remarks and warm wishes for the lovely couple. Interestingly, some even joked that Coach Yin has finally found a “real woman”, much to the amusement of everyone.

For those interested, feel free to check out Yeen on her Instagram here.

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