The sequel to “Train To Busan” titled “Peninsula” is finally out in cinemas nationwide since Wednesday (15th July).

Interestingly, the Korean zombie flick features Malaysian actress Bella Rahim! She appears briefly as Jane, one of the members of the United Nations (UN) rescue team.


The internet community has been buzzing about this after several guests who attended the film screening talked about her appearance in the movie on social media. Among them include actor Hairul Azreen and also ZhafVlog. The latter is famous for his movie review content on YouTube.

Many Malaysians have taken to Twitter to share their excitement upon knowing this nugget of information. In this case, most of them, especially those who have watched the film, said that they did notice Bella in the movie, thanks to the Malaysian flag logo embedded on her uniform.

Check out some of the comments left by the members of Twitterjaya here:


Despite only appearing in the film as a cameo, we’re still proud of you, Bella! 😃

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